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Illustration, Web Design, Digital Art

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Kyiv, Ukraine

About me

A creative in Kyiv, Ukraine

Design & illustration artist with media and online content projects background.

I am co-founder and art director of the women’s online magazine DIVOCHE.MEDIA, creator of the popular art project DyvoLesya — a series of posters about prominent Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka. For the past 9 years, I have been engaged in illustration, web design, creating brand style and layouts for different media content projects.

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Web Design


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Digital Art


New Media


Journalism & Online Media

In 1998, graduated from Kyiv National University, specializing in German and English languages. In 2003, completed an educational course for journalists at the Reuters headquarter in London (Great Britain) and interned at Creative Warehouse (website development, content creation, web design) in Worcester (Great Britain). Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. Worked for leading independent Ukrainian media, developed and managed online media projects for the media holdings, TV & press.

Design skills

Web design, Illustration & Digital Art
Since 2013 specializing on design & illustration for media projects, web design & digital art. Working with all main graphics editors (Photoshop, Illustrator etc). Experienced in creating promotional materials, leaflets, infographics and more.

Featured Work

Travel Map of Ukraine

Design of promo materials for Ukrainian tour operator

Design and production of Travel map of Ukraine in Japanese & English language and some promotional print materials & souvenir products packing for Ukrainian tour operator company ARKTUR. 

EasyDrive Booklet & Website

Driving School website & promotional materials

Design and brand style layouts for EasyDrive driving school in Kyiv. Branding, website development, designing of the booklet and other print promo materials for the students.

Together We are Europe

Illustrations for EU Delegation to Ukraine 

On 21 August 2022, the illustration exhibition “Together We are Europe” started near the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People in Kyiv. It presented a series of drawings by Ukrainian female illustrators as a creative reaction to Russia’s war of aggression and the EU`s help for Ukraine. I made three illustrations for this project.


Art project dedicated to Ukrainian writer & intellectual Lesia Ukrainka

Popular art project “DyvoLesia” (2020) and its sequel “Lesia On Time” (2021) — it is an attempt to depict a modern Ukrainian woman, when women serve in the army, fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, sit at the helm of airliners, engage in extreme sports, create blogs with reach millions, pursue a political career, engage in art and raise children, through the image of prominent Ukrainian writer, intellectual & feminist Lesia Ukrainka (1871-1913). This is a project about women at a time when they can choose their own path.

Media Design

Layout design and illustration for publications in media

Layouts design and illustrations for publications and projects in online media for leading business companies including cosmetic company AVON, pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, dairy factory Halychyna etc.

Marketplace Prom.ua

Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company

AVON Cosmetics company

Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company

Dairy factory Halychyna


War in Ukraine Series

I am concentrated on the women’s gaze of the war, on the stories of the Ukrainian women, those who left Ukraine because of Russian aggression or stayed, gone through the tortures and violence, or died in this hell.

Illustrations for media

Illustration for feature publications and articles in number of Ukrainian online media including women’s online magazine DIVOCHE.MEDIA and digital broadcasting station HROMADSKE.

Web Design

Creative Women Publishing

Design and layouts for the website and online book store of the female publishing house Creative Women Publishing.

MedUP Marketing

Design and layouts for website of the marketing and business consulting company in medicine MedUp Marketing.

Geulla Medical Laboratory

Design and layouts for the website of the Ukrainian-Israeli pathomorphological laboratory of oncodiagnostics Geulla.

FlyPoint Air Services

Design and multilingual website for air concierge service company FlyPoint.

Alliance Francaise

Design and layouts for 5 websites (ie AF Lviv) of the Alliance-Francaise Fondation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Art Library

Library of Ukrainian Art collects and preserves books about Ukrainian art, published in the 20th century, and information & articles about Ukrainian artists.

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